Tenant Information

Here you can find detailed help and advice from finding your new property to what to do when you move in.

Use our search facility to check out the photos, videos and descriptions of our properties, and book a viewing or make a watchlist to book multiple viewings.

If you would like to proceed with signing for a property, please register your interest by emailing enquiries@broomhillpropertyshop.co.uk. The office will send across the relevant information, alongside documentation required and how to pay the deposit which will protected in The Deposit Protection Service or other recognised scheme. Documents including the assured shorthold tenancy agreement will then be drawn up to for you to read and sign either in the office or digitally.

Please make sure the following has been completed before key collection:

  • All documents signed by all tenants
  • All deposits paid
  • Confirmation of rent payments (evidence of standing orders)
  • First rent payment to be cleared in our account

You must make an appointment to collect your keys. If you arrive without making an appointment, we cannot guarantee that someone will be available to check the keys out.

Further information on moving will be provided in your tenant welcome pack.

For tenants of our Glossop Road office you can make payments directly on the PayProp payment portal, which can be accessed at: https://uk.payprop.com/tenant/login.

Whitham Road tenants details to setup rent payments will be provided on signup.

It is the tenant’s responsibility to carry out certain tasks e.g. keep drains clear, change lightbulbs, and to change smoke alarm batteries where possible. However, if you are unable to resolve the issue yourself, please report this to your relevant offices using the links below:

Broomhill Property Shop Whitham Road -
PropertyFile login

Broomhill Property Shop Glossop Road -
FixFlo login

Before reporting a repair see if there is a simple solution you can try yourself in the list below.

Not maintaining temperature or door not closing?

Try Defrosting

Not draining or door not opening?

Check to see if there is an error code showing or if the filter needs emptying. Refer to the appliance manual for more details.

Not working properly?

Check to see if there is an error code showing or if the filter or water tank needs emptying. Refer to the appliance manual for more details.

Not cleaning effectively?

Check that the waste pipe is not blocked. Refer to the appliance manual. Don’t forgot to top up the salt and rinse aid in the dishwasher.

Has the power cut out?

Check to see if the fuse board has tripped. It could be that you have overloaded the system. Please unplug any unnecessary appliances such as hairdryers, straighteners, Hi-Fi systems etc. and check the fuse board.

Here is a video tutorial on how to re-set a fuse box:

Not draining property or leaking?

Remove all hair from the drain and use a drain cleaner. If your shower is leaking, first check that shower curtain and bath matt are being used. If it is still causing issues next step would be to check the sealant and grouting.

Not coming on?

Replace the bulb.

Not warming up?

Bleed the radiator. Check that the thermostat on the radiator is turned up and boiler is turned on.

Flashing error code or pressure dropped?

Refer to the appliance manual to see what this means. If the pressure is low you will need to re-pressurise your boiler.

Here is a video tutorial on how to re-pressurise your boiler:

Door with yale latch locks please check the snicket is not engaged preventing the latch from moving before reporting.

Here is a video tutorial on reducing condensation in your home:

To prevent mould appearing on the silicone in your bathroom make sure you regularly clean with mould and mildew spray. Condensation can also occur when the property is not being ventilated correctly. You must ensure the extractor fan is turned on, window opened after use and any damp clothes/bath matts are aired.

An emergency is classed as a fire, flood, gas leak, electrical failure, or boiler break down. If your issue is not an emergency, you should wait until office hours to report it.

In the event of a genuine emergency please call the out of hours contact our maintenance manager.

Whitham Road - Out of hours emergency contact: 07720 641034

Glossop Road - Out of hours emergency contact: 0114 272 7787

Towards the end of your tenancy we will email across End of Tenancy procedures and a cleaning checklist. This will help things run smoothly and avoid last minute problems or surprises. We will contact all tenants via email regarding the return of your deposit once your checkout has been finalised.

Both of our offices are open and are Covid safe with screens, increased space for students, as well as hand sanitiser on arrival. We are still requesting that tenants and landlords do not come in to the office where possible and to call the relevant office or email with any queries. Should you need to attend the office, please call to arrange an appointment.