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Having trouble getting your property marketed to the right people?  Want to let your home to students or young people in your area, but are unsure who to turn to?  You’re going to need to partner with letting agents for landlords who genuinely care.  While it may be tempting to head straight to the private market in terms of property letting, there are a host of protective benefits to working with a letting agency while looking for ideal tenants.  For one thing, there are plenty of problems taken off your plate – and we can act as a middleman on your behalf.

How We Can Help

Broomhill Property Shop is a letting agent for landlords who are interested in letting properties to a wide variety of people.  We are student lettings specialists, which means we are experts in helping to protect landlord interests.  We also help professionals find ideal homes they can commute to and from, which means if you have a property that’s on a commuting route and you’d like to find the right connection, we’ll be able to put you in touch with the right tenants.

We’ll Manage Your Property

Most landlords who partner with Broomhill Property Shop opt for the full management option.  This means we will completely manage the letting of the property on your behalf.  From contracts to safety certificates, deposit holdings to repairs, you simply authorise us to take as much or as little action for you as you desire.  We’ll also help to value your property, and will help to market it to the right people.

We are experts not only in letting management but also in negotiation and advertising.  With decades of experience in handling thousands of properties, we know exactly what your ideal audience is looking for.  They won't just be looking for a great deal; they'll also be looking for comfort, convenience, and complete reassurance.  With your blessing, we will be more than happy to deliver all of the above to your tenants and more.


The Autonomous Landlord

Being a landlord isn’t always a full-time job.  If anything, it is also a second income for many people.  Therefore, most property landlords, like you, will already be working hard and devoting your energies elsewhere.  That’s why it makes sense to authorise a reputable and trustworthy letting agent to take control of the way your property is handled.

You may not necessarily have the time to handle all aspects of the letting of your property.  Therefore, we would be happy to work on your behalf.  We’ll handle contracts, cash flow, tenant communications, safety certificates, potential issues in need of redress and much more.  We’ll even offer you regular reports so you can see how much your let is costing you, and how much money you are making from it overall.

Ultimately, we work hard to represent your best interests.  We make sure that your contract represents everything that you wish to be covered and protected.  We take care of security deposits and ensure they are held through the correct legal channels.  You simply need to let us know what you authorise us to do on your behalf, and what you don’t.

Hire a Lettings Agent

Some landlords may not wish to hire letting agencies because of the fees involved.  Not only are our prices transparent and competitive, the cost of hiring and employing a letting agency for landlords will pay for itself after just a few months of letting your property.  You’ll end up saving a lot of time and hassle as well as money overall– trust us!

Call Broomhill today on 0114 2727787 to learn more, or email us at your convenience!


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